By | March 21, 2018

The main problem of modern people today is to save time, money and of course their nerves. At the age of new technologies and progress it seems to be very useful to have such devices in one’s hands, which will be provided with required technical help and stability. Everything must be in the way of small size and in good working order.

The numerous meetings, conferences and business arrangements cannot be managed without so-called apps – appendixes, additional devices. The new technologies can facilitate the execution of planned tasks and creation of innovative projects. With appropriate apps one can do his job more comfortable, without spending much time and huge forces, being at office or even at home. The modern inventions are the best mates for those, who are working day and night and try to succeed! You may surely relay on them.

Here is the time to examine them in order to choose a relevant one. This article deals with the great and well-known tools. Perhaps some of them you know very well, but some are still the novelties for many. You can easily get them and also they are simple to use. So, here they are!

The first one is Boomerang. His main assistance task is to regulate the email correspondence. Such problems people can meet just every day. It may appear because of overload of the Internet traffic, as far as it concerns big companies, where the great correspondence current is something usual. Another reason is commonplace, as it is connected with the virus and spam.

The lack of time, impossibility to send the letter in time seems to be the most dangerous problems in this case. Now, with Boomerang you have a chance to cope with it. This program makes it possible to compose the letters for later and send them automatically and in time. This magic app can also give you an opportunity to defer the received mail in order to read it later. You will certainly estimate the advantages of this app, if you use it permanently. All you need to do is to choose the time, when the receiver must get the letter and then you should send your correspondence. It does not matter, whether it is send at home or at office, one minute or several hours ago.

2. You may ask: What is Doodle? It is your personal assistant, which remembers everything and can coordinate the work-process of the entire company. You may use it as a datebook or calendar. It will be useful when you need to organize the business meeting and to inform the participants about it, or choose an appropriate date and time for meeting. You may be surprised but Doodle is a must-have app.

3. It’s a pity, if you still do not know what a useful device Pocket is. It can save for you a lot of information from websites and then offline you can thoroughly look it through and sort your documents. Pocket saves everything you want – any file, video and audio. It is a great storage in your small personal computer. Just let Pocket work!

4. In business sphere, as in any other, planning is very important thing. Every day you must solve the problems of time management.

 5.  The optimal web searcher is known as Phlo. It consists of a great amount of search means and with its assistance you can find the sought materials in a matter of seconds. The principle of its work is based on the ability of this device to quicken the search process of Internet browsing.

6.  Focus Booster is another useful thing that make our life simple and without problems. The time, it fulfills its tasks is limited and consists of 25 minutes. The app makes time interval between tasks. Do not be afraid, Focus Booster is a device you can commit any difficult and anyway after a little break will become more sharpener.

7. And the last assistant of every busy person is Evernote. It can be used for many purposes, including note writing, planning and structuring a business day, sending important information and receiving the wanted materials. Make it your favorite app and it will help you with everything you need at your work place.

As a conclusion we must say that all these apps are really actual nowadays and help the modern secretary or a leading manager to withstand the inconsiderable, but annoying problems with planning, creation of strategies and time economy.

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